Cheats Edit

Cheats enable the player to play the game with helpful features such as infinite shield and air. Besides the "official" cheats, it is also possible to "cheat" via hex editing. To enable cheat mode, "letsrip!" must be entered into the Password option. Once activated, the cheat mode cannot be disabled without exiting and restarting the game. The following keys are then used for the desired effects. Using cheats under certain circumstances may cause the game to malfunction (for example, using JASON to defeat Dr. Riptide). The player will not be able to enter the high scores table if cheat mode is active.

  • A - When held down, restores air supply.
  • S - When held down, restores shield level.
  • J - Spawns the JASON submersible if it is not already active.
  • H - Allows the JASON to fire simultaneously with Nick's submarine.
  • R - Activates rapid fire.
  • F - Upgrades weapon to power level 4.
  • U - Activates upward cannon.
  • G - God mode (invincibility).

Level passwords Edit

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