Graphics in In Search of Dr. Riptide are stored in the RIPTIDE.DAT file. The graphics include the game sprites in L (loop) format, and fullscreen images in PCX format.

List of L files Edit

L file Size (bytes) Description
BACKSUB.L Nick's sub - rear view (displayed when entering cave).
BARREL1.L Barrel - blue.
BARREL2.L Barrel - red.
BARREL3.L Barrel - orange.
BLOCK.L Destructible tile - rock.
BLOCK2.L Destructible tile - laboratory.
BONUS1.L Item - sea shell.
BONUS2.L Item - sea star.
BONUS3.L Unused - gold nought.
BOSSHIT.L Oscar boss debris explosion.
BS1DR.L Oscar boss destroyed - right-facing.
BS1_BDL.L Oscar boss body - left-facing.
BS1_BDR.L Oscar boss body - right-facing.
BS2_BOD.L Otis boss body.
BS2_TN1.L Unused - Otis boss tentacle - left-facing.
BS2_TN2.L Unused - Otis boss tentacle - left-facing.
BS2_TN3.L Unused - Otis boss tentacle - right-facing.
BS2_TNL1.L Otis boss tentacle 1 - left-facing.
BS2_TNL2.L Otis boss tentacle 2 - left-facing.
BS2_TNR1.L Otis boss tentacle 1 - right-facing.
BS2_TNR2.L Otis boss tentacle 2 - right-facing.
BS3_ARL.L Riptide boss armament - left-facing.
BS3_ARR.L Riptide boss armament - right-facing.
BS3_BDL.L Riptide boss body - left-facing.
BS3_BDR.L Riptide boss body - right-facing.
BS3_DTH.L Unused - Riptide boss destroyed - right-facing.
BS3_DTHL.L Unused - Riptide boss destroyed - left-facing.
BS3_DTHR.L Riptide boss destroyed - right-facing.
BS3_FACL.L Riptide boss face - left-facing.
BS3_FACR.L Riptide boss face - right-facing.
BS3_PRPL.L Riptide boss propeller - left-facing.
BS3_PRPR.L Riptide boss propeller - right-facing.
BUBMD.L Bubbles - medium.
BUBSM.L Bubbles - small.
CANNONL.L Enemy cannon - left-facing.
CANNONR.L Enemy cannon - right-facing.
CHAIN.L Tow chain used by Nick's sub to capture Riptide (after boss is destroyed).
CHEST.L Treasure chest.
CLAM.L Enemy clam.
COIN.L Item - coin.
CRAB.L Enemy crab.
CRABDIE.L Enemy crab destroyed.
DOOR.L Door - grey.
DOOR_UD.L Door - grey.
DR_RIP1.L Unused - figure with "rip" text on it.
DUCT_D.L Duct - downward-facing.
DUCT_L.L Duct - left-facing.
DUCT_R.L Duct - right-facing.
DUCT_U.L Duct - upward-facing.
EGODIE2.L Nick's sub destroyed.
END.L "END" text displayed after final level is completed.
END_DR.L Door - green (requires key).
EXP3.L Explosion - very large.
EXPLG.L Explosion - large.
EXPMD.L Explosion - medium.
EXPSM.L Explosion - small.
FACE_L.L Enemy face - left-facing.
FACE_R.L Enemy face - right-facing.
FIRBALDN.L Fire pit fireball - downward-facing.
FIRBALUP.L Fire pit fireball - upward-facing.
FIRE_PIT.L Hazard - fire pit.
FISH1L.L Angelfish - left-facing.
FISH1R.L Angelfish - right-facing.
FISH2L.L Butterfly fish - left-facing.
FISH2R.L Butterfly fish - right-facing.
FREEMINE.L Enemy mine released.
GEM.L Item - gem.
GOTCHA.L Nick's sub captured by octopus tentacle.
GUN_1.L Status panel - pulse cannon piece 1.
GUN_2.L Status panel - pulse cannon piece 2.
GUN_3.L Status panel - pulse cannon piece 3.
GUN_4.L Status panel - pulse cannon piece 4.
JELLY.L Enemy jelly.
KEY.L Status panel - key.
MINE.L Enemy mine.
MOUSE.L Mouse cursor.
MREAL.L Enemy mine anchor wire released.
MSG_BAR.L Pop-up help box - barrels.
MSG_CAVE.L Pop-up help box - caves.
MSG_GUN.L Pop-up help box - pulse cannon.
MSG_JASN.L Pop-up help box - JASON submersible.
MSL_ARWL.L Missile - projectile fired by enemy face - left-facing.
MSL_ARWR.L Missile - projectile fired by enemy face - right-facing.
MSL_BG2L.L Missile - torpedo fired by enemy cannon and Riptide boss armament - left-facing.
MSL_BG2R.L Missile - torpedo fired by enemy cannon and Riptide boss armament - right-facing.
MSL_BIGL.L Missile - Nick's sub torpedo level 4 - left-facing.
MSL_BIGR.L Missile - Nick's sub torpedo level 4 - right-facing.
MSL_HBL.L Missile - pulse cannon - left-facing.
MSL_HBR.L Missile - pulse cannon - right-facing.
MSL_INKL.L Missile - ink fired by Otis boss - left-facing.
MSL_INKR.L Missile - ink fired by Otis boss - right-facing.
MSL_PEA.L Missile - projectile fired by enemy tulip.
MSL_RED.L Missile - projectile fired by enemy crab.
MSL_RKL.L Missile - Nick's sub torpedo level 3 (also fired by enemy ship and Riptide boss) - left-facing.
MSL_RKR.L Missile - Nick's sub torpedo level 3 (also fired by enemy ship and Riptide boss) - right-facing.
MSL_SM.L Missile - Nick's sub torpedo level 1.
MSL_SPT.L Missile - projectile fired by enemy serpent.
MSL_STR.L Missile - mine fired by Oscar boss.
MSL_TOP.L Missile - Nick's sub upward torpedo.
MSL_TPL.L Missile - Nick's sub torpedo level 2 (also fired by enemy shuttle) - left-facing.
MSL_TPR.L Missile - Nick's sub torpedo level 2 (also fired by enemy shuttle) - right-facing.
MSL_ZAP.L Unused - missile (yellow zigzag).
OTIS.L Otis image displayed on stats screen.
OTISEYES.L Otis boss eyes.
PAT1.L Blue pattern used as page backgrounds for story and instructions.
PIECE_1.L Item - pulse cannon piece 1.
PIECE_2.L Item - pulse cannon piece 2.
PIECE_3.L Item - pulse cannon piece 3.
PIECE_4.L Item - pulse cannon piece 4.
PIRANAL.L Enemy piranha - left-facing.
PIRANAR.L Enemy piranha - right-facing.
POD1.L Enemy pod 1.
POD2.L Enemy pod 2.
PRELUDE.L Level title box with "NOW ENTERING:" text displayed when a level starts.
PROBEL.L JASON submersible - left-facing.
PROBER.L JASON submersible - right-facing.
PROBSPIN.L JASON submersible disorientated - left-facing, right-facing, front view, and rear view.
PU_1UP.L Power-up - 1-up.
PU_AIR.L Power-up - air increase.
PU_AUTO.L Power-up - automatic fire.
PU_FIRE.L Power-up - firepower increase.
PU_JASON.L Power-up - JASON submersible.
PU_JF.L Power-up - Nick/JASON simultaneous fire.
PU_JWL1.L Unused - power-up (rotating sphere).
PU_KEY.L Power-up - key.
PU_SHLD.L Power-up - shield increase.
PU_TOP.L Power-up - upward cannon.
SCR_100.L Score icon - 100 points.
SCR_500.L Score icon - 500 points.
SCR_1000.L Score icon - 1000 points.
SCR_2000.L Score icon - 2000 points.
SCR_3000.L Score icon - 3000 points.
SCR_4000.L Score icon - 4000 points.
SCR_5000.L Score icon - 5000 points.
SERPDIE.L Enemy serpent destroyed.
SERP_L.L Enemy serpent - left-facing.
SERP_R.L Enemy serpent - right-facing.
SHARKDIE.L Enemy shark destroyed.
SHARKL.L Enemy shark - left-facing.
SHARKR.L Enemy shark - right-facing.
SHIPL.L Enemy ship - left-facing.
SHIPR.L Enemy ship - right-facing.
SHPBMB.L Depth charge bomb dropped by enemy ship.
SHUTL_L.R Enemy shuttle - left-facing.
SHUTL_R.L Enemy shuttle - right-facing.
SPIKES_D.L Hazard - spikes - downward-facing.
SPIKES_U.L Hazard - spikes - upward-facing.
SPLAT.L Enemy face projectile explosion.
STATUE.L Atlantis statue.
SUBL.L Nick's submarine - left-facing.
SUBR.L Nick's submarine - right-facing.
SWITCH.L Switch.
TENT_IN.L Hazard - octopus tentacle - moving into cave.
TENT_OUT.L Hazard - octopus tentacle - moving out of cave.
THE.L "THE" text displayed after final level is completed.
TULIP.L Enemy tulip.
TULIPL.L Enemy tulip - left-facing.
TULIPR.L Enemy tulip - right-facing.
TURN.L Nick's sub - front view (displayed when turning).
WEED1.L Seaweed 1.
WEED2.L Seaweed 2.
ZAP_UD.L Hazard - zapper.

List of L files exclusive to shareware release Edit

L file Size (bytes) Description
DOCTOR.L Dr. Riptide monitor (appears after defeating Oscar).
LILDOC.L Dr. Riptide image (displayed on the story text screen shown after completing Oscar's Lair).

List of PCX files Edit

PCX file Size (bytes) Description
LOGOS.PCX Logos displayed on startup.
P_DEATH1.PCX Game over image of destroyed submarine.
P_DEATH2.PCX Game over image of Nick captured by octopus.
P_FRAME.PCX Gameplay border and status panel.
P_HIGHS.PCX High scores screen background.
P_STATS.PCX Stats screen background.
P_TITLE.PCX Title screen.

List of PCX files exclusive to shareware release Edit

PCX file Size (bytes) Description
P_FINALE.PCX Story text screen background.
P_ORDER1.PCX Ordering information screen 1 - "Get ready for more levels packed with new enemies and challenges!"
P_ORDER2.PCX Ordering information screen 2 - "Nick's new sub can shoot up! JASON can also shoot at the same time as NICK for double fire power!"
P_ORDER3.PCX Ordering information screen 3 - "Think you're bad? Try taking on OTIS, the best fed octopus in the sea!"
P_ORDER4.PCX Ordering information screen 4 - features list and order instructions.

Unused graphics Edit

Main article: Unused graphics

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