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In Search of Dr. Riptide is a side-scrolling action game developed by MindStorm Software and published by Pack Media Company, Inc. for MS-DOS in 1994. The game features 256-color VGA graphics and sound card support. Riptide was the only shareware game released by Pack Media Company. Like many other DOS games at the time, the shareware version was available on bulletin board systems, "shovelware" compilation CDs, and 3.5" HD diskettes from shareware distributors such as RamGang, Wiz Technology, and Manaccom. Riptide was later distributed by Beaucomm Interactive, Inc. starting from 1997. The game is no longer sold and has become abandonware.


Back of game box (RamGang release): "You have been sent on a seek and destroy mission. Armed to the teeth, you'll search deep within undersea catacombs for evil, OUTCAST scientist Dr. Riptide. Explore stunning underwater terrain while taking out as many of Riptide's goons as possible."


"You are Nick Nautilus, Secret Naval AgenT (S.N.A.T.) 1138.

S.N.A.T. 1138 Mission Summary:

You have been called into action to seek and destroy the undersea
laboratory of Dr. Tiberius Riptide, a mad scientific outcast. You
have been ordered to use any means necessary to put Dr. Riptide and
his secret lab out of commission...for good.
A JASON submersible will be issued to aid your search. The JASON's
small, manageable size will make it an invaluable asset.

Mission Background:

Riptide was banished from the scientific community after he
announced plans to construct devices of heinous mass
destruction to the population of the world's oceans.
Intelligence has reported that Riptide has finally developed his
Tuna-Matic, a device that turns living matter into a marketable
delicacy. Riptide is fast becoming a rich villain by selling his
"Tuna" on the black market as a trendy food for the filthy rich and
powerful. Riptide has hidden himself deep within underwater
catacombs off the coast of Australia and has surrounded himself
with deadly protection. You will come face to face with many of
Dr. Riptide's creations and traps, so be prepared. If you reach
his lab, Riptide will be waiting for you, and he will have no regrets
shipping you out in a tuna can!"

Version historyEdit


  • Original release.
  • Available as shareware and registered.


  • Skill options were added: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
  • "Fast" game speed option was replaced with "normal" speed, game speed issues were fixed.
  • Support for 4-button joysticks was added.
  • Support for Aura Interactor virtual reality game-wear was added.
  • Various board problems were fixed.
  • Memory requirement for music and digital sounds was reduced to 584 kilobytes.
  • Available as shareware and registered. Compared to the registered v1.0 release, the registered v1.1 release is more obscure.

Episodes and levelsEdit

Act IEdit

1: Shallow Sea

2: Micro Menace

3: Tulip Tango

4: Red Tide

5: Fathoms of Teeth

6: Think Tank

7: Oscar's Lair

Secret: Outpost Enigma

Act II: Ruins of AtlantisEdit

8: Atlantis

9: Aqua Tremendom

10: Spawning Waters

11: JASON Quest

12: Frantic Attack

13: Enter Otis

Secret: ??????

Act III: Riptide's Undersea LabsEdit

14: Sea Escape

15: Deep Enigma

16: Sink or Swim

17: Marathon

18: Lab Rynth

19: Abyss of Peril

20: Halls of Hell

21: Mysterious Maze

22: Confrontation

Enemies and hazardsEdit




Sea Jelly





Octopus tentacle




Fire pit







Dr. Riptide



Treasure chest




Destructible tiles


Main article: Items


External linksEdit

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