Riptide stats hard shallow sea

Stats screen and example scores shown after completing Shallow Sea on Hard.

The stats screen is shown between levels. This screen displays the following information and awards bonus points for the completed level:

  • Percentage of enemies destroyed.
  • Percentage of items ("goodies") collected.
  • Units of air remaining multiplied by 50.
  • Units of shield remaining multiplied by 100.

The air and shield units calculated for bonus points depends on the difficulty options:

  • On Easy, there are max. 49 units each (2450 points for air, 4900 points for shield).
  • On Normal, there are max. 74 units each (3700 points for air, 7400 points for shield).
  • On Hard or v1.0, there are max. 149 units each (7450 points for air, 149000 points for shield).


  • The percentages displayed on the stats screen are not always accurate, due to some glitches.
  • The octopus image displayed on the stats screen is of Otis, the boss of Episode 2.

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