RIPTIDE.DAT contains some unused graphics files. Their crude quality suggests they were made when the game was early in development. These graphics can never normally be seen ingame. To view the unused graphics, they must be extracted from the DAT file, or the DAT file must be hex-edited to make them appear ingame.

Unused L files Edit


This is an image of a small gold nought (0). Its intended purpose is unknown.

BS2_TN1.L, BS2_TN2.L, BS2_TN3.L Edit

BS2_TN1.L and BS2_TN2.L are very simple graphics for a left-facing octopus tentacle. BS_TN3.L is an animation for a right-facing tentacle, and has a much more detailed style than the previous two graphics.

BS3_DTH.L Edit

This is a "death" graphic for the Dr. Riptide boss. The graphic appears to be unfinished, and it may have been an early design concept for Riptide's submarine.


This is a left-facing "death" graphic for the Dr. Riptide boss. This graphic is never used, since Riptide's submarine will always face right when destroyed.

DR_RIP1.L Edit

This is a simple drawing of a figure with "rip" written on it. Its intended purpose is unknown.


This is an animation of a yellow zigzag projectile for an unknown weapon.

PU_JWL1.L Edit

This is an animation of a small rotating sphere. The file has the prefix "PU_", suggesting it may have been a graphic for a scrapped power-up.

Gallery Edit

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